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Late Breaking News

LATE BREAKING NEWS......                                LATE BREAKING NEWS.....

We're are about to get our own channel!

  • If you build it they will come and so they did! Keep checking back as My Pool TV will soon be available on your television as well as the internet and your cellphone.

My Pool TV headed for the nationals

  • We've got some great footage from the APA Nationals that were held in Las Vegas in August. We certainly made a name for ourselves. In fact people actually knew who we were!

We've just become Partners with Veoh Networks and V CAST!

  • Veoh Channel or V CAST and My Pool TV have just signed a non-exclusive deal to provide pool programming. Our second round of clips will be delivered in the next month. These will include Deans Pool Tips and The Masters

Our Executive Producer Ron Wikel gets married in Maui!

  • My Pool TV's Ron Wikel headed to Hawaii this past June to wed his beautiful fiancé Olaris. Oli is from Panama and is still getting used to our American ways. Don't worry as we'll have her, "Running the table," in no time!!

Gearing up for Pre-Production!

  • We're almost there, but we need your help! Do you look hot in a Bikini? Can you shoot pool? If you've answered yes to both of those questions drop us a line...WE NEED YOU! Send us your hottest pic and a video clip if you've got one. If we like what we see and you can actually shoot pool we'll contact you for an audition time. At the moment we are looking for women who live in and around the Los Angeles area. © 2006 Home PageCompanyOur Store  • Press Release  •  Contact Us •  Who Is
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