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Pool is about to become the hottest game of the 21st century. Go to any pool hall across the country and you’ll have to wait at least a half an hour for a table. It's the next Poker.

Lois created My Pool TV to fill a void. She plays league pool two nights a week for the APA and is slowly, but surely improving her game. Lois Co Hosts "Break N Run" and will be the Host of the television series, "Celebrity Pool." As the creator and producer of several programs for My Pool TV, it's her goal to get everybody together to just, "Play pool!"

Dean Von is competitive! A rock star in the 80's Dean writes and performs all of the music for My Pool TV. He knows his pool game and is often called in to coach a player on league night. Dean is ranked as a 6 in the APA league playing two nights a week, serves as Co-Host for, "Break N Run" and Host of the series, "Dean's Pool Tips."

Ronald A. Wikel came onboard as Executive Producer and is quietly learning how to play better pool...He's pictured with his, Bikini Pool," Girls.  Ron resides in Northern California. © 2006 Home PageCompanyOur Store  • Press Release  •  Contact Us •  Who Is
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