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Celebrity Pool


Here in the US we don't have Royalty, but we do have celebrities... In America we treat the rich and famous like the British treat the Royal Family.  We are obsessed by them.

The average viewer is fascinated by Celebrity whether it’s Celebrity Poker, Celebrity Big Brother or Celebrity Survivor. Pool has re-emerged as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. No special equipment is needed and all one has to do is visit the local pool hall for a quick game of pool. For some it’s recreational, for others it’s all about the game, but what about celebrities? Are they as competitive as the average Joe?

Hosted by professional pool player Max Eberle, Celebrity Pool is a half hour series that pits three celebrities against each other in a game of Cut Throat...the object is to sink the other players balls leaving yours on the table thereby eliminating the other three players...However these celebrities won’t be playing for charity, they’ll be playing for the chance to appear on Pro Shots and have a game with an actual pro!

Are the celebrities as competitive as we are when it comes to pool? We’ll find out when they get the chance to live their dream and compete against the pro’s


Out good friend Max Eberle tells us what's in his case






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